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TenStep Inc.'s GreenPM® included in the book, “Sustainability Integration for Effective Project Management”, edited by Gilbert Silvius and Jennifer Tharp, 2013.

TenStep actively authors and shares information pertaining to the project management community through our various websites, web columns, tips of the week, webinars, PMI® Chapter meetings, etc. Several years ago we pioneered a concept of Green Project Management (GreenPM®) and have been sharing ideas on this topic through similar channels. Our ideas around GreenPM® have recently been recognized by others. Last year we were asked to contribute a chapter to the book, Sustainability Integration for Effective Project Management, edited by Gilbert Silvius and Jennifer Tharp. We are excited to see this book is now published. 

Consider Green Project Management on Your Project

The world is going green and it appears that the United States is starting to get the message as well. We are collectively realizing that we do not have an unlimited amount of air or water or space to continue to utilize resources as we have done in the past. The pending concern over global warming merely serves as the central rallying point for an environmentally friendly movement that has been underway since at least the 1970s.

How can we apply these “green” concepts to our project management discipline? One obvious way is that we can manage green projects more efficiently. For example, if you are the project manager on a project that will result in a using less packaging in your products, it would be good if your project completed on time. The sooner that project ends, the sooner the green benefits will be achieved. 

On the other hand, most project managers do not run these kinds of projects. Most of us deal with projects such as installing a new software package or upgrading network infrastructure. How can these projects become more environmentally friendly?

The answer is Green Project Management (GreenPM®). Green project management is a model where we think green throughout our project and make decisions that take into account the impact on the environment – if any. It is a way to ingrain “greenthink” into every project management process.   

Listen to a video from Tom Mochal explaining green project management

The point about green project management is not that we make every decision in favor of the one that is most environmentally friendly. The point is that we start to take the environment into account instead of ignoring it. You might make most decisions the same as you do today. But there might be some decisions you would make differently. These different decisions, multiplied by tens of thousands each day across the world, can make a difference.  

The concept of Green Project Management is pioneered by Tom Mochal, PMP and Andrea Krasnoff, PMP, of TenStep, Inc.

We are Looking for Pilot Projects

We are looking for organizations to pilot Green Project Management? It is an opportunity to be on the cutting edge of project management and allow you to shape the future of this concept. Contact Tom at Tom.Mochal@TenStep.com today.